Sweat absorbent hat band

Experience the dryness and comfort of D-HUME

Experience the dryness and comfort

Absorbs sweat from your forehead
D-HUME is the absorbent sweatband to keep the wearer dry and comfortable

Layers of sweat-absorbent, quick-drying functional material and mesh material provide high sweat absorbency and breathability.

D-HUME stops sweat from getting into your eyes,  a  common problem for those who wear hats for sports or at work.
Using layers of sweat absorbing and quick-drying functional material and mesh material, this sweat-absorbing hat band relieves discomfort caused by sweat to give you a dry and comfortable wearing experience.

Patent Pending

As makers, what we can do is make indispensable items more comfortable for people to use.

With global warming and record-breaking heat waves happening around the world in recent years, hats have become an increasingly indispensable item.
D-HUME is a sweat-absorbent hat band developed as one of the solutions to SDG Goal 12 “Responsibility to Create, Responsibility to Craft”. Based on customer feedback and repeated trials and research, we’ve made improvements to make hats more comfortable to wear in the extreme heat.
We hope many hat manufacturers, brands, and other hat-related companies will make use of this product for their original projects.

Water Absorption Test video

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